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    Stainless Steel Multi-functional Branch Scissors - Fruit Picking Tool

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    Stainless Steel Multi-functional Branch Scissors -  Gardening Shears Grape Shears Fruit Picking Tool



    • High Strength Stainless Blade: Fruit wood shears are made of high quality stainless steel that is hard and sharp. It is also resistant to tree sap corrosion, rust resistant, and will always be stable to use
    • Ergonomic Design: The anti-slip handle of the pruning shears has been precisely designed arc and anti-slip texture, making it suitable for hand sizes and has excellent grip. The spring provides proper elasticity when trimming and ensures a smooth cut
    • High strength stainless steel branch scissors have a lock that is safe and easy to open and close. Easy to lock to prevent damage when not in use. Note: Pruning shears. Keep out of reach of children
    • Effortless: The handle is equipped with a spring-back spring, which is more labor-saving and easier to use.
    • Application: The cutting blade adopts three-sided cutting edge method, which can effectively separate the broken branches to prevent adhesion. It is mainly used for gardening pruning and fruit picking in orchards. It is also suitable for cutting flowers, cutting thin slices, etc. Type cutting work. Ideal for gardening, landscaping, and heavy duty trimming.


    • Pruning Tool Type: Pruners
    • Pruner Type: Bypass
    • Material: Metal
    • Feature: Anti-Slip Grip

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